Our best-selling & most requested recipes by our clients & followers. They say Baking is a science & cooking is art, I guess we are artists. We love to cook with freedom and are constantly tweaking our recipes. Be brave and try some of these great recipes. So let's start cooking!

Arabic short​bread filled with Dates & Nuts - Ma’amoul

Think of a beautiful shortbread filled with grey dates & nuts. This is so easy to make and something unusual to ave as a afternoon tea. This goes…

Our most requested recipe - ​Slow roasted lemon & za'tar chicken

This recipe is the most requested recipe from my clients, as the chicken is chargrilled it’s brilliantly tender and juicy inside guaranteed.With this…

Pan Roasted Sea bass with garlic, chilli & walnut Chermoula

A Sea Bass recipe so easy that will impress anyone you cook it for. We love this as its a real crowd pleaser, and we also love that none expects…

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Take a peek at what we do and how we do it. There will more video showing how to make some of dishes and tips on creating a great dinner party.

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