Giving Back

Here at The Hampstead Kitchen we believe food has the power to heal and unite people. Giving back is at the heart of everything we do & stand. We are focused on the vulnerable people in our local community & around the globe. We mainly support charities that have an immediate need to feed & support a vulnerable member of society. For every 100 people we feed in our private events we feed around 30 - 40 hungry people.

We donate up to 30% of our profits to various charities and organisations both here in the UK and around the Globe. Most of the staff have been homeless, ex offenders and other refugees in their previous life. We rely on regular donations for our clients around the world as they feel impacted by stories of the people that work with us or those we support.


The Homeless & Vulnerable

Feeding the homeless & vulnerable on a daily basis is how we started using the residual food left over from our private events. On the weekend we use our residual ingredients and feed our homeless guests at a central London location. We also support our local food banks by creating one off food events. We have a zero-food waste policy, and all our food waste is collected and recycled for community garden projects & bio fuel.

We support Charity Auctions & Fund Raisers that support mainly food based charities both locally and globally. We offer bespoke dining experiences that have fetched up to £25K for a dinner for 10 guests. We therefore help in a multitude of ways as long the organisations & foundations share our ethos and mission

Local Community

Below are other initiative s we support on a regular basis in the local community.

Grenfell Tower - This tragedy affected us all in London which left casualties & many without homes. We were amongst the first on the scene to provide water, food and collect clothing. To date we still support on a going basis by providing hot meals weekly for those families still living temporary accommodation. We are committed to this until the last remaining families are housed and settled in their new homes.

Solidarity Sports - Supports vulnerable children in difficult circumstances and offer fun post school activities. We support by providing on off cooking days for kids to come and enjoy. Recently they asked us to provide catering for the Hashem Family Memorial who all perished in the Grenfell Tower. We continue to support on a ad hoc basis.

Refettorio Felix- Feeds over 200 vulnerable daily with residual food waste. We offer on going support on a consultative capacity to create revenue by promoting the venue space for private & corporate events. The additional income helps the centre to remain sustainable and continue to feed the vulnerable around the local community.


Refugee Campaigns

We get involved in a lot of Local projects, some one off and some on going. here are just a few.

CookForSyria -We were asked to support the #CookForSyria campaign for UNICEF NEXTGEN project by donating three recipes along with top 50 Chefs & restaurants in London. The campaign also ran in Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris & Dubai. A total of £350K has been raised to date. The project also won countless awards including Observer Food Monthly’s Best Ethical Food Project in 2017.

Imad's Syrian Kitchen - Supporting a 3 week pop up along to help a Syrian refugee Imad realise his dream to own restaurant. We supplied chefs & donated all the food produce. This was heavily featured in the press and Imad is now on his way to set up his first restaurant in London hopefully in 2018.

International Charities

We are fortunate to cater for high profile charities who require low key fund raisers which aren’t extravagant focusing on food for the regions they are raising funds for. As most of you know some of our clients are Celebrities, Politicians and even Royalties. Whilst we are discreet we also work with individuals who have personal projects which we like to support too. Most of these charities support various Educational, health, poverty, refugee projects within their organisations.

We help refugees both here in the UK and around the world to provide food, clothing and educational books. We visit the largest Refugee camps once every 3-6 months and take dry food, clothing, books, nappies, etc. Our mission is to provide tools & knowledge enabling refuges to create a micro business helping support their families. Most will live in these camps for years to come. At our recent visit, we taught men how to cook basic meals as they lost the women in their families so that they can support & feed their families.


Some of the charities that we support.

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