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The Hampstead Kitchen hosted a special evening for beautiful Jewish & Muslim women. Read about our evening & more about the great organisation Nisa-Nishim.

Food, Faith & Women - Network Evening at THK HQ

Saima Khan & Sharon Eder - Co Chairs for North London Food Group

Salaam Shalom (May peace & blessings be bestowed upon you!)

I've always wanted to host a dinner for my Jewish clients & Muslim friends in my home. After hearing about Nisa-Nishim

organisation I decided to host my dinner under their banner. Mainly because our objectives were the same. I was fortunate to meet Sharon at a meeting, and fell in love with her positive story about her making a great Muslim friend when she really needed it when she was far from home.

The evening was amazing full of beautiful women sharing positive stories about their experiences with friends, colleagues that have come across their paths that impacted their lives in a positive way. Some ladies had so much common, fairly quickly we started discussed husbands and plastic surgery which was hilarious. Everyone left feeling uplifted and felt the benefit of such an event. It was a huge success and we can't wait to host another one again.

The abundant Table - An assortment of both Kosher & Halal sharing dishes.

Deep in conversation about food, plastic surgery and husbands...

Clients, Aunts & Friends all discussing Food & Faith.

A little about the Organisation & their objectives

Nisa Nishim aims to bring both women from the Jewish & Muslims communities together by focusing on the commonalities as opposed to what divides us. Which actually is very little when you get down to it. This initiative is funded & supported by the Department of Local Communities & Local Government.

There are many stream of initiatives aiming to support leadership and help develop strong personal relationship with the an overall aim to benefit the diverse society we live in.

Like & Follow them on social media to find out whats happening near you or why not become a member or perhaps become a co-chair to create your own beautiful Group.

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